Download PDF didactic books about illustration and the study of human anatomy (free to distribute)

Andrew Loomis

Andrew Loomis was an acclaimed illustrator who was born in 1892 and died in 1959. His artwork has a realistic and refined style which has been an influence to great artists of the present like Alex Ross.

Fortunately he left us a great legacy (free to distribute). A series of didactic books about illustration, drawing, painting and the study of human anatomy which won’t be re-released under express petition of the artist’s family.

You can’t let go this opportunity to learn from an artist and download this PDF format book collection about drawing techniques, development of the human figure, human proportions, portrait and even perspective.

1- Fun with a Pencil
In this book, Andrew Loomis teaches us to scribble with the pencil. These firsts steps are essential when starting to draw. Movement strokes, vanishing point of the perspective that we’re gonna development, a draft of the face and its expressions.

2- Figure Drawing for all it's Worth
This volume is an entire human figure manual. In this book you will learn human proportions, dynamics of the figure in motion, gestures, the male and female skeletons and muscles in relation to the balance of position. The female, male and child anatomy and how the muscles function.
human proportion

3- Creative Illustration
Expand your artistic vision, train and refine your eye to see in a creative way, shadows, planes, figures and objects.
imagination and creativity

4-Successful Drawing
Study the basics of illustration or painting: proportion, position, perspective, shapes... shadows, the planes of figures and objects. Ornaments, create, sketch, consistency, constructions of the planes and the effects of lighting, drawing using a mannequin, applying the light of shapes to comics, perspective of shadows...

5- Drawing the Head and Hands
It’s not a secret that the pending subject of almost every artist is the drawing of the head and the hand.
Andrew Loomis teaches you all the steps and tricks to improve your characters. Learn about the ageing process, basics and secondary angles of the head, proportions of the baby heads, block forms of the hand, the female hand, types of characters...
face and hands

6- The Eye of the Painter
Design, proportion, colour, rhythm, form, texture, light, technique…
Make your work into a visual wonder putting attention to all of these aspects of your piece. Also you can add personality to your creation.
luz y color

Some of the Andrew Loomis' artwork
delicated drawings


tell a story with your drawing

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  1. muchas gracias por compartir este excelente material, mil bendiciones

  2. muchas gracias por compartir este excelente material, mil bendiciones

  3. Gracias a ti. Por cierto, (si lo prefieres) en este mismo blog puedes encontrar los mismos libros pero en español:
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